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Aloe Ease product box and bottle


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Our synergistic blend of aloe and fiber can help support digestive health and is gentle enough for everyday use.*

  • Good source of fiber
  • Helps promote healthy bowel regularity*
  • Supports a healthy gut microbiome*
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Why Aloe Ease™?

  • Aloe Ease™ dietary supplement is an option to support regularity and digestive health.*
  • The AdvoCare Cleanse is usually the first product many people are introduced to other than AdvoCare Spark®.
  • The AdvoCare Cleanse is recommended for use every 90 days. Aloe Ease can be used daily.

Who is it for?

  • Cleanse users who are wanting a supplement they can take daily
  • Anyone looking for additional dietary support for regularity
  • 24-Day JumpStart® users looking for added short-term support for regularity
  • Anyone wanting to support their digestive health

Why is it called "Aloe Ease™"?

  • The product is primarily composed of aloe vera juice.
  • It is a product that combines fiber, aloe vera juice and a proprietary herbal blend, which is gentle enough for everyday digestive health support.*

Can I take this in conjunction with other products?

  • Aloe Ease™ can be taken with most AdvoCare products, and provides additional support for products such as AdvoCare® Fiber.
  • Aloe Ease™ does not compete or interfere with the effectiveness of other AdvoCare products. Aloe Ease provides additional support for digestive health and overall wellness.*

Can I take Aloe Ease™ during the 24-Day JumpStart® (Cleanse Phase, Max Phase)?

  • Aloe Ease™ can be consumed daily, if desired, during the Cleanse Phase and Max Phase of the JumpStart.

Should Aloe Ease™ be consumed instead of Fiber? Can I take both?

  • You can take both. Using both products together addresses regularity in complimentary ways, so it may provide additional support while helping you meet the FDA recommended daily intake of fiber (28g); fiber helps to improve digestive health and also supports cardiovascular health.

What are the benefits of taking Aloe Ease™?

  • Aloe Ease™ is a gentle formulation without harsh effects. When taken as part of a daily regimen, it helps soothe and cleanse the digestive tract which in turn improves the absorption of nutrients.* It also supports regularity by providing a good source of fiber in a single serving.

Why Aloe Ease™ vs. AdvoCare® Fiber, Fibo-Trim™ or Digest-Ease™?

  • Each product provides different benefits.
  • Aloe Ease™ is designed to be taken every day to help aid digestive health and regularity.* It offers additional support for digestive health but is not meant to replace AdvoCare Cleanse.
  • Fiber has a Daily Value (DV) which means it is recommended to consume daily for overall health and wellness. Americans should consume 28 grams of fiber per day as recommended by the FDA. Aloe Ease™ provides 4 grams of fiber while AdvoCare® Fiber provides 10 grams.
  • Fibo-Trim™ is a product that can be taken occasionally to support weight management goals. Fibo-Trim™ helps absorb and eliminate dietary fats consumed through your diet.*
  • Digest-Ease™ is formulated to help relieve occasional heartburn, stomachache, acid indigestion and gas.*

Why not just a capsule?

  • Aloe Vera is in a liquid form to provide a serving easier to take than a handful of capsules.
  • Although aloe vera juice is available in liquid or powder form, we felt that a liquid 2 fl oz. shot was the best delivery to keep serving size to a minimum while providing a healthy boost of fiber, aloe vera and a combination of herbals to support digestive health.*

What makes this different than aloe I can buy off the shelf?

  • Aloe Ease™ is specifically formulated to help support digestive health by combing aloe vera juice, fiber and an herbal blend that helps support digestive health and regularity.*

AdvoCare Aloe Ease™ is the latest offering in our line of Wellness products.

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